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Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada

A fine jewellery collection inspired by the Australian coastline and landscape, bringing the love of the organic and the handcrafted together to create elegant timeless pieces. ‘Sierra Nevada’ pays homage to Australia's rugged rocky coast, as well as the softer forms of its surrounding flora. 
Featuring Australian Parti sapphires, reminiscent of the deep blue ocean and the infinite hues of greens of Australian natives. Bespoke pieces accentuated with diamonds that evoke the shimmer and sparkle of light as it reflects off the surface of the ocean. 

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From  $10.00

The Adelaide

From  $420.00

The Blyth Star Ring


The Bonnie Dundee Ring

From  $2,800.00

The Bonnie Dundee Wedder

From  $1,500.00

The Cataraqui - Gold

From  $620.00

The Cataraqui - Silver


The Cherry Venture Hoop - Gold

From  $500.00

The Cherry Venture Hoop - Silver


The City of Adelaide Ring

From  $2,200.00

The City of York Ring

From  $2,300.00

The Daphne Ring

From  $2,000.00

The Duke of York Necklace

From  $1,400.00

The Eleni Ring

From  $3,800.00

The Enchantress


The Floating Stones Ring - Gold

From  $580.00

The Floating Stones Ring - Silver


The Frederick Hoops - Gold

From  $540.00

The Frederick Hoops - Silver


The Frederick Studs - Gold

From  $520.00

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