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Mediterranean Ruins

Mediterranean Ruins

A collection, inspired by a more Mediterranean coastline and style, a collection that compliments Chloe's previous ocean creations. Jewellery with ancient style and crafting with traditional forms. Designs which are romantic yet simple.

Featuring coral shapes and textures, and marquis cut stones. Pieces designed to be layered and mix and match earrings, with a ‘more is more’ attitude, to wear and styling.

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From  $10.00

The Ana Ring - 9ct Gold


The Ana Ring - Sterling silver


The Cannes Necklace - 9ct Gold.


The Cannes Necklace - Sterling silver.


The Coral Vista Necklace - 9ct Gold.


The Coral Vista Necklace - Sterling silver.


The Menorca Necklace - 9ct Gold.


The Menorca Necklace - Sterling silver


The Monterosso Necklace - 9ct Gold


The Monterosso Necklace - Sterling silver


The Rosa Earring - 9ct Gold - Single or Pair

From  $250.00

The Rosa Earring - Sterling silver - Single or Pair

From  $120.00

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