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Looking for something special? | Custom design your piece with Chloe

The Floating Stones Ring - Silver

An Australian sapphire is suspended high in a sea of bubbles, above our classic textured ring band. The bubbles grow along, and up the ring, to form a high setting that gently clasps the precious stone.

The stone appears as if to be 'floating', suspended high in a sea of bubbles.

Cast in place sapphire, held just in place by the small bubbles. Allowing as much light to surround and reflect through the stone, whilst being completely secure for everyday wear. 

A ring that celebrates the sapphire. Holding it high and letting it do all the talking of this piece. 

The floating stone ring looks fantastic stacked in multiples, or against The Torrens stacker. 

An Australian sapphire in hues of Blues, Greens and Yellows. 

Sterling silver and Australian Sapphire. 

Please email Chloe if you have stone colour preferences.  

Please allow up to 15 days for your piece to be handcrafted just for you. 

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