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Looking for something special? | Custom design your piece with Chloe


Modern engagement rings and statement pieces.  

Uniquely made, individually hand carved. 

Enquire about alternative feature stones, and diamonds. 

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From  $10.00

The Blyth Star Ring


The Bonnie Dundee Ring

From  $2,800.00

The Bonnie Dundee Wedder

From  $1,500.00

The City of Adelaide Ring

From  $2,200.00

The City of York Ring

From  $2,300.00

The Daphne Ring

From  $2,000.00

The Duke of York Necklace

From  $1,400.00

The Eleni Ring

From  $3,800.00

The Enchantress


The Georgette Ring

From  $3,800.00

The Luna Shimmer Ring

From  $850.00

The Nella Dan Ring

From  $3,600.00

The Ontario Ring - Australian blues

From  $1,200.00

The Queen Of Nations Necklace

From  $1,050.00

The Rocky Mountains Ring

From  $2,200.00

The Santiago Ring

From  $2,000.00

The Zanoni Ring

From  $2,400.00

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