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A collection of fine jewellery inspired by past travels and dreamy hopes for future ones.

‘Mementos’ pays romantic homage to nostalgic memories of the past, but it also holds hope for the future and to creating new memories, in new places with our loved ones.

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Sagrada Earrings


Lycia Earrings

From  $140.00

Solta Earrings

From  $140.00

Charm Sleepers

From  $120.00

Charm Studs

From  $80.00

Single Charm Fine Necklace

From  $160.00

Charmed Bracelet

From  $290.00

Charmed Necklace

From  $340.00

Fethiye Necklace

From  $320.00

Small Paper Clip Chain

From  $540.00

Solta Necklace

From  $240.00

Iglesia Necklace

From  $240.00

Sagrada Necklace

From  $360.00

Andalusia Necklace

From  $420.00

Carsi Necklace

From  $240.00

Venus Pearl Necklace

From  $150.00

Andalusia Ring

From  $430.00

Thera Ring

From  $430.00

Sagrada Ring

From  $430.00

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