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Looking for something special? | Custom design your piece with Chloe


Chloe started pursuing her jewellery career after finishing her studies in Metals and Jewellery at Monash University Melbourne.

Chloe has always been creative and found great passion in make objects with her hands. It made sense that she fell in love with jewellery making where she could embrace this passion for handcrafting. She believes that making is as much about the creation process as about the final product, and loves to leave evidence of the handmade in every piece. 

Her studio is found along the coast of the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. The beach, its textures, forms and colours have become the inspiration behind the brand. Jewellery crafted in precious metals, inspired by the Australian coastline and landscape. Chloe is always focused on bringing her love of the organic and the handcrafted together to create timeless pieces. Inspired by the rugged rocky coast, as well as the softer forms of all its surrounding flora and fauna.

Handcrafted treasures that pay a romantic homage to the place the artist calls home. The distinctive beauty the Australian landscape has to offer, captured into precious keepsakes each one unique and timeless.


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