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Looking for something special? | Custom design your piece with Chloe

The Queen Of Nations Necklace

An Australian sapphire suspended; framed within a sea of gold bubbles.  

The stone appears as if to be 'floating', as the thick walls of gold bubbles frame the parti sapphire and hold it in place, still enveloped by open space allowing the light in.

Cast in place sapphire, held just in place by the small bubbles. Allowing as much light to surround and reflect through the stone, whilst being completely secure for everyday wear. 

The Queen of Nations lives up to her namesake, she is strong, bold and powerful. And evokes so much love with her warm gold and stunning colour. 

9ct Gold pendant and chain. 

(45cm length chain).

Please contact Chloe if you would like to select your Australia sapphire, available in hues of Navy, Greens and Yellows. 

Higher carat of gold available upon request.

Please allow up to 15 days for your piece to be handcrafted just for you. 

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