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Looking for something special? | Custom design your piece with Chloe

The Venus Hoops

A small piece of crockery that washed up on the ocean shore, smooth in shape and unique in texture. Its shape and form created slowly and tirelessly, over long years tumbling in the ocean and against the rugged coast. 

The small triangular shape featured was found once when collecting jetsam one day, Chloe saw something beautiful in this small piece of old crockery. 

Moulded and then cast into silver, this piece of jetsam is used to create the shape of our Venus hoops. Formed alongside 10 Australian sapphires (5 in each earring), this piece is a romantic homage to the Australian landscape and ocean. To the unusual and unique treasures found when scouring the ocean shore.

Australian sapphires in hues of Greens, blues and yellows. 

Sterling silver earrings, posts and butterflies. 

Please contact Chloe if you have stone colour preferences. 

Please allow up to 15 days for your piece to be handcrafted just for you. 

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