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Wax Carving Jewellery Workshop - Saturday the 25th of April 2020


WAX CARVING – Jewellery class with Chloe McColl

Date: Saturday 25th of April

Time: 10am – 2.30pm 

Price: $290.00
-Includes Workshop and refreshments

Chloe McColl Jewellery Studios
54 Peninsula Avenue (rear of)

Chloe McColl is an established jeweller on the Mornington Peninsula. Her jewellery has a distinctly organic and sculptural style. Each of her pieces is uniquely and individually carved and finished, using a range of lost wax carving techniques. You can learn about these techniques in a 4.5 hour workshop with Chloe at her stunning studio in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula.

The workshop is designed for those new to jewellery to learn and develop techniques for wax carving and casting, a technique central to contemporary jewellery making. Each jeweller develops their own technique over years of practice, and Chloe has agreed to share some of her secrets.

With Chloe’s guidance you will design and then sculpt your own unique ring, pendant or earring from jewellers wax. Chloe will then transform these for you from wax to silver.

Learn about Lost wax casting, how to choose the right wax, select from a range of different tools, how to use these tools and how to finish and clean your wax ready for casting.

Students will also learn how to size rings, create and join wax findings, create textures and leave unique impressions and markings to explore a form or idea.

This one day class offered by Chloe will focus solely on creating forms in wax. Finished wax objects will be cast in silver, professionally finished and returned to you by mail in the two weeks following the course.

The workshop is all inclusive of materials, guidance and instruction towards completing at least one final wax piece; One chosen piece to be cast in sterling silver, professionally cleaned by Chloe and posted directly to you.

**You may choose to have extra pieces cast in silver, or pieces gold plated at an extra cost that can be discussed on the day.


PLEASE NOTE: we cannot refund unattended sessions, offer a rain check or make any changes once your order has been paid in full and processed.


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